Rapid Response Radio

Let AI-Generated Voiceovers 
Unlock Your Brand's True Voice

Upgrade Your Strategy with Audio Ads: Unskippable, Memorable, and Affordable

Small businesses often struggle to create effective marketing campaigns that reach their target audience and drive conversions.

Traditional ad campaigns are expensive, time-consuming, and can be difficult to track success. Plus, with the rise of streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music, it’s hard to get your message across without being skipped or ignored.

business man listening to music in the city

Rapid Response Radio is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to make a big impact on their target audience. 

Our AI-generated voiceovers combined with programmatic audio campaigns allow you to launch memorable campaigns in days – not weeks! With geo-conquesting capabilities, precision targeting options, real-time analytics and reporting tools, plus retargeting capabilities with other media such as native ads or video banners – you can ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Launch Memorable Campaigns in Days, Not Weeks

With the power of AI-generated voiceovers and programmatic audio campaigns, marketers can now launch memorable campaigns in days, not weeks. Leverage the power of AI-generated voiceovers to reach broad audiences with programmatic audio campaigns, while also increasing user engagement through interactive radio experiences. 

More bang for your buck

Programmatic audio inventory is up to 50% less expensive than Facebook ads, while retargeting banner ads is up to 80% less expensive. Inventory like ConnectedTV is slightly higher, but runs as television commercials on major networks with no minimums. Think of the expanded impact your budget will bring you. 

Geo-Conquest the Competition

Take your radio campaigns to the next level with geo-conquesting. Target precise demographics and locations with precision targeting capabilities to ensure that your message reaches your competitor’s customers when they visit. Track success with real-time analytics and footfall traffic  to see who showed up at your doorstep from your campaign. 

Retarget Audio Campaigns with Other Media

Retarget people who listened to your campaign with native ads, video, banners, or even more audio ads. With the power of programmatic audio campaigns and AI-generated voiceovers, you can reach your target audience quickly and effectively. Leverage the power of radio campaigns to drive user engagement and conversions.




Quick and Easy Setup – With Audio Ads, you can launch your campaigns in a matter of days, not weeks. No need to waste time hiring and coordinating with voiceover artists, as our solution provides ready-to-use audio templates that require no additional work.

Royalty-Free Audio – Cut unnecessary expenses by avoiding royalty payments for voiceover work. Our extensive library of sound clips and effects gives you all the resources you need to create professional-sounding ads at a fraction of the cost.

Customizable Design – Make your audio ads truly your own with our fully customizable design options. Add your brand’s unique personality and message and create a lasting impression on your target audience.


Increased Brand Awareness – In a world where attention spans are shrinking, Audio Ads offer a memorable, engaging way to introduce your brand to potential customers. By combining music, sound effects, and a compelling voiceover, you can create a lasting impact that sets you apart from your competitors.

Higher Conversion Rates – Unlike video ads, Audio Ads cannot be skipped. Listeners are more likely to engage with the ad and hear your full message, increasing the chances that they will take the desired action. With our retargeting capabilities, you can stay top of mind with listeners and continue to drive conversions.

Cost-Effective Solution – With Audio Ads, you get a high-quality marketing tool without the associated costs of traditional ad campaigns. With affordable pricing and no need to pay for pricey voiceover work, you can stretch your marketing budget further and achieve better results.

Where your ads will run

Programmatic audio ads can be run on a variety of platforms. They are most effective when used in conjunction with other media, such as video or banner ads. Platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Hulu, and Pandora are some of the most commonly used for programmatic audio campaigns. Additionally, they can also be used in digital radio platforms such as Sirius XM and on traditional radio stations.

Rapid Response Radio is the perfect solution for small businesses who want to launch targeted, effective programmatic audio campaigns quickly and affordably. Leverage the power of AI-generated voiceovers combined with programmatic audio campaigns to drive user engagement and conversions and create memorable marketing campaigns in day

Some of our audio network partners

Available Data Targeting

Data plays a crucial role in programmatic campaigns. It allows you to target your audiences better, optimize the delivery of ads, and ultimately improve your ROI. There are thousands of data points not available on Facebook or Google that can be combined to infinite potential. 

Here are some of the data types available today for programmatic campaigns:

Demographic Data: Demographic data includes age, gender, income level, and geo-location of your target audience. This data helps you to create more effective ad campaigns that are tailored to the needs and interests of your specific target demographic.

Behavioral Data: Behavioral data helps you understand how users interact with your product and how they respond to different types of ads. It also tells you what kind of ads work best for each audience segment.

Contextual targeting and intent data are invaluable tools for programmatic ad campaigns. By incorporating this type of data, brands can ensure that their ads are seen by the right people at the right time. Contextual targeting looks at a user’s online activity to determine what type of content they might be interested in, while intent data goes even further by looking at the action that users are taking in real-time such as applying for a mortgage, researching their credit score, or searching for recipes with a specific ingredient.

Retargeting is a powerful tool for programmatic audio campaigns that can help you stay top of mind with listeners and drive conversions. With retargeting, brands can target ads to users who have previously engaged with the brand in some way, such as by visiting a website or downloading an app. This allows the brand to showcase tailored messages to the most interested users and increase conversions.

Available Data Targeting

Some of our data partners

Business Types


Geofence your competition, rapidly update people on new specials, holidays and events. 


Real Estate

Geofence your competition and open houses, target people who have pre-qualified for a mortgage.



Target people who are researching different conditions without Facebook and Google’s stringent restrictions. 



Geofence your competition, courthouses and police station. Get in front of people researching legal issues without restrictions on social networks.


Cannabis and CBD

Geofence your competition, and run compliant creative on cannabis-friendly ad networks. 



Get more heads in beds by targeting travel intent data, geofencing airport terminals and more.



Geofence your competition, rapidly update people on new sales, discounts and events. 



Target people with high affinity to your cause with equally large wallets. 



Geofence your competing dealers, target based on credit score, age of car, financial data and more. 



Upload your lead lists and surround your target in your brand. Target specific job titles and more. 



Rapidly change creative for new events and target people who have attended events at your location and the competition. 



Target based on numerous financial data points, contextual targeting, intent, and more. 



Video Playlist
1/5 videos
Real Estate
Real Estate




Sign up today and get one free radio spot written and produced and three eye-catching animated banner ads (300×250, 728×90, 300×600) designed and programmed FREE. 




$299 creative fee
$ 99
  • Custom Targeting Setup
  • Retargeting with one static 300x250 banner
  • First round of creative done within two weeks
  • Unlimited Revisions with 3 Biz Day Turnaround
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Choose from up to 4 AI voices


Free Setup, Audio, and Banner Ad Creative
$ 299
  • 30 Minute Strategy Call
  • Custom Targeting Setup
  • Website Retargeting Pixel Integration
  • Geofencing
  • Retargeting with 3 Animated Banner Ad Sizes and Audio
  • First round of creative done within a week
  • Unlimited Revisions with 3 Biz Day Turnaround
  • Monthly Reporting
  • One new audio creative per quarter
  • Choose from up to 10 AI voices


Free Setup, Audio, and Banner Ad Creative
$ 899
  • 30 Minute Strategy Call
  • Custom Targeting Setup
  • Website Retargeting Pixel Integration
  • Geofencing
  • Retargeting with 3 Animated Banner Ad Sizes, Audio, Native Ads, Video, ConnectedTV
  • First round of creative done within 3 biz days
  • Unlimited Revisions with 2 Biz Day Turnaround
  • BiWeekly Reporting
  • One new audio creative and banner set per month
  • Choose from up to 10 AI voices
  • Unlock the ability to change AI voice tone, speed and volume word by word.
The Bestest



Podcasts, steaming radio (such as spots broadcasts, talk shows, news, etc.) and music steaming such as Spotify or Pandora. 

Some might be, but we know lots of pathologically cheap rich people who still don’t pay. Just ask some of our clients. 

We believe our Rapid Response Radio product is an important ingredient in a healthy digital strategy, but certainly not the whole meal. We use it as an awareness / top of funnel strategy to build name recognition and a pixel we can retarget with. Then we can use other forms of media to continue to tell your story.

When someone listens to your radio spot, our tracking code will allow us to target someone with:
Banner ads
Native ads – Show your link to blog articles in the “sponsored articles section” of sites like CNN to further educate your prospect.

Audio Ads – Use another audio ad to make a new announcement.

Video ads – Shown as pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll on websites and apps

Connected TV – Shown on streaming devices such as Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire, etc. on channels like Newsie, Hulu, and more. 

Media costs vary by market. They’re lower in rural Maine than they are in downtown Manhattan. Our bulk buying from our partners means you’re getting rates way lower than if you did this yourself. Once we’ve run your ads for a month, we can give you insights into your costs. 

We’ve always loved to use a strategy where we can build a pixel of people who have seen or interacted with an ad in our target demographic. 

However, using video as our top of the funnel form of media means sometimes lengthy and expensive production and creating multiple sizes. It’s more than twice as expensive, and most of the time the inventory is skippable. There’s also a very good chance, on Facebook and Instagram videos, the sound is off. 

Audio ads are less than half the cost, are NOT skippable, meaning someone is immersed in the voice, music and sound effects of your brand for up to a full minute. You can say anything you want, and people can imagine it without expensive productions and effects for video. 

Radio allows us to balance creating a memorable name brand people have heard of with creating the retargeting opportunity for more call-to-action focused forms of media. 

You can wait for your infinite number of monkeys to fix your marketing, 

or you can grab a finite number of experts before they’re fully booked. Let’s go…