Measurement and Analytics

Unlocking Value with Digital Marketing Analytics and Measurement

Digital marketing can be a complex and overwhelming process, with many different channels to manage and optimize. 


It’s hard to know which campaigns are working, what kind of ROI you’re getting from each channel, or how to maximize customer lifetime value. 


With our automated reporting tools and digital marketing measurement & analytics solutions, brands have all they need to unlock customer lifetime value quickly! Our multi-touch attribution model helps measure the real impact of your campaigns while our data visualizations enable you to make smarter decisions. Plus, we offer patent-pending top-of-the-funnel attribution insights as well as live conversion data for immediate feedback on ROAS. Unlock the power of digital marketing today with us!


Digital marketing measurement and analytics is the process of using data to gain insights about your online campaigns, audiences, ads, CRM, and sales conversions. It involves analyzing and understanding customer lifetime value to guide smart marketing decisions and optimize campaigns for ROAS. In this blog post, we will discuss why digital marketing measurement and analytics is important and how it can help you unlock customer lifetime value quickly. 



What is Digital Marketing Measurement & Analytics? 


Digital marketing measurement and analytics is a process that enables brands to analyze their digital marketing efforts. This includes looking at metrics such as engagement, website visits, page views, leads generated, cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM) etc., as well as understanding customer lifetime value. It also involves using automated reporting tools for insightful dashboards and reports that can help brands measure their performance against goals and KPI’s to evaluate the success of their campaigns. 


Benefits of Using Our Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

One of the main benefits of using digital marketing measurement & analytics is gaining data-driven insights into your campaigns that can help you make smarter marketing decisions. By understanding customer lifetime value, you can optimize your campaigns for ROAS instead of focusing on vanity metrics like clicks or impressions. Additionally, you can use these insights to understand which channels are most effective for driving conversions and which audiences are more likely to purchase your products or services. You can also gain real-time insights into your campaigns so you can adjust them in order to maximize results. 


Verifying Results with Digital Marketing Measurement & Analytics 

In order to verify the results of your digital marketing efforts, it’s essential to set up goals & KPI’s that align with your business objectives. This will allow you to track the impact on ROI while leveraging automated reporting tools for insightful dashboards & reports that showcase how each campaign performed against those goals & KPI’s. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to identify where there are opportunities for improvement so you can maximize ROI from every campaign moving forward. 


Why is Digital Marketing Measurement & Analytics Critical? 

Digital marketing measurement & analytics is an invaluable tool for brands who want to gain data-driven insights into their campaigns to maximize ROI from every campaign moving forward. By understanding customer lifetime value and setting up goals & KPI’s that align with business objectives, brands can use automated reporting tools for insightful dashboards & reports that will help them verify results while optimizing campaigns for ROAS instead of vanity metrics like clicks or impressions. With digital marketing measurement & analytics at their disposal, brands have all they need to unlock customer lifetime value quickly!

What makes us different in measuring your digital marketing campaigns? 

MultiTouch Attribution

We can’t treat each marketing channel like they’re in a vacuum. We must understand what our data is telling us, and use it to optimize the entire marketing funnel from a single source of truth. With our multi-touch attribution model, you can measure the real impact of your campaigns, test and deploy new strategies in minutes. 

Data Analysis Visualization & Insights

We use comprehensive data visualizations that enable us to quickly understand how your marketing campaigns are performing across different channels. Our insights are designed to make sense of complex data sets so you can make smarter marketing decisions. 


By leveraging digital marketing measurement & analytics, you can ensure your campaigns are reaching the right audience and releasing the most effective message to get the desired result. With our data-driven insights, brands can maximize ROI from every campaign quickly and easily.


Patent-Pending Top-of-the-Funnel Attribution

Navigating the complexities of accurately evaluating ad platform performance can be daunting, but you could invest to find cold traffic from numerous sources. By identifying which campaigns, audiences, and ads will give you maximum customer lifetime value with a profitable return on ad spend–you are sure to provide yourself an edge in this ever-evolving market.


Live Conversion Data

Wouldn’t it be great to get immediate insights into your CRM and Sales conversions, as well as same day ROAS? That’s exactly what our new campaign can provide you with.


Facebook View-Through Conversions

Would Facebook videos and BOF Ads have an effect on my sales if no clicks were made? Establish trust in the views’ impact, providing visibility into the bottom of their funnel view.


Critical Middle Funnel Conversion Tracking

Are your last sales click attributed to Google Branded Search, SMS, Email or the obscure “direct” (resulting in lower returns)? Unearth those essential clicks prior to the final conversion so you can continue investing in crucial feeder campaigns.


Cold Traffic Conversion Time Analysis

Are you prematurely abandoning campaigns that just need more time to prove successful? Wicked Reports offers an in-depth analysis of your CRM and cart conversions, which allows for the determination of how long it takes cold traffic to convert. Utilize this data to make informed decisions about when is best to invest in cold traffic paid ad media – understanding the insights and implications will help maximize returns on investments.


Customer LTV Analysis

Uncovering your high-value customers is the first step to finding more of them. To do this, use customer attribution data to create targeted segments for understanding and targeting (available in Q4). This will help you learn from their behaviors and optimize your approach for bringing in future valuable customers.



You can’t fix what you don’t measure.