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Compliant, pre-screened advertising inventory for your CBD, Cannabis and Hemp brands.

Tap into our network of cannabis-approved media and data partners to put your brand in front of the right people at the perfect moment with brilliant execution. 

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Sentient Media has over 10,000+ data points via 80 partners to target your ads precisely. It's easier than ever to get your cannabis marketing in front of the perfect audience.

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Our compliance standards reflect our commitment to integrity and transparency in media buying.

Flexible Options

we have a variety of options to choose from - whether you're planning on making a one-time ad buy or set up a monthly budget.

Increase Awareness & Sales with Cannabis & CBD Compliant Digital Advertising

Our team is on a mission to change the way cannabis and CBD companies market their brands by bringing the same strategies, ad tech, and campaign management services we deliver for clients of all sizes to the industry.

We help you increase awareness, site traffic, and revenue by targeting known cannabis and CBD consumers on mainstream websites across Desktop, Mobile, Video, Connected TV, Digital Audio, Paid Social, and Paid Search channels.

CBD Advertising

Target CBD store visitors, pain relief shoppers, and other health and wellness audiences with compliant digital ads on premium websites to grow your CBD brand awareness, website traffic, and revenue.

Cannabis Advertising

Target known cannabis consumers and dispensary visitors on mainstream websites with compelling Display, Mobile, Video, and Connected TV ads using compliant ad tech to grow your cannabis brand.

Hemp Advertising

Target hemp consumers with digital ads on mainstream websites to showcase the benefits of your hemp-based products and differentiate your brand from competitors while improving ROI.

Types of Ads We Run

Tap into our network of cannabis-approved media and data partners to put your brand in front of the right people at the perfect moment with brilliant execution. 

Mobile Ads for CBD & Cannabis

According to Inc., the average person spends more than four hours per day on their mobile device, meaning mobile ads are a must in any industry. When building programmatic mobile campaigns, businesses can target based on mobile activity—for instance, people who’ve downloaded cannabis apps like WeedMaps, Leafly, or Eaze.


Another popular mobile marketing technique is known as geofencing: Using mobile data, cannabis and CBD advertisers can target adults near certain locations that may be relevant to their campaign, such as music festivals, industry events, or competing cannabis stores.


Native Ads for CBD & Cannabis

Native advertisements are ads that blend into the surrounding content of the platform they’re shown on. A few basic creative elements—copy, an image, and a click-through link—are all it takes to run native advertisements in a wide variety of locations.

Running native ads on mainstream websites can work well for cannabis and CBD brands because the surrounding content normalizes the ad: For many people, clicking on a cannabis ad will feel less intimidating when it’s not on a site like High Times.


Digital Audio Ads for CBD & Cannabis

Audio represents an up-and-coming ad format in the programmatic landscape, and the share of audio ads is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Benefits of audio advertising include a high likelihood of an engaged audience (think commuters sitting in traffic) and 100% share of voice during your audio spot (i.e., no one else’s advertisement is playing during those 30 seconds).

Connected TV Ads for CBD & Cannabis

Another up-and-coming channel for programmatic advertising, connected TVs offer many of the same benefits that streaming audio channels do, including an engaged audience, 100% share of voice, and the ability to leverage this channel early before other cannabis businesses start to. Connected TV ads aren’t governed by the same rules as broadcast TV ads, and they allow advertisers to reach potential customers in the comfort of their own homes.

Emerging Advertising Techniques for CBD & Cannabis

A few key channels are currently trending for cannabis ads in the programmatic space, including digital audio, connected TV, and geofenced mobile. In the next few years, we expect brands to begin adding some budget for digital out of home, or DOOH, inventory like digital billboards. Voice advertising is also expected to become a major channel as virtual assistants become pervasive

Creative Development

We’ll work with you to deliver engaging, compliant cannabis advertisements in all of the above formats to tell your story one chapter at a time in a way that convinces and converts your audience.

Discover how to create compliant CBD and Cannabis Advertising.

Download our free guide which will show you the proper way to message your brand to stay compliant with our media partners in every US State and Canadian province. 

Of course, our creative team is always here to help you develop the most engaging ideas within these limitations. 

Our Publishing Partners

Each partner represents hundreds of web properties with a combined reach of billions of impressions per day. 

Websites your ads will appear on

Just a sample of the websites allowing compliant cannabis and CBD advertising

Digital Audio Network Partnerships

Each partner includes hundreds of digital radio stations, podcast networks and streaming services. 

Connected TV Channel Partnerships

Streaming channels on OTT devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, XBox and more which accept compliant cannabis marketing. 

Data Targeting Partnerships

Unlock access to thousands of targeting options unavailable on stringent Facebook or Google.


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