Wake up your marketing.

You have a clear vision of where your company wants to be. But somewhere along the way, your marketing took a wrong turn. The creative got stuck in the mud. Your data got dusty. We help purpose-driven brands combine data and creativity so they’re greater than the sum of their parts.

Sentient Media is a full-service agency at the intersection of data and creativity.

Industries we work with

Branded Direct to Consumer

  • Fashion / Beauty
  • CPG
  • Travel / Destinations
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
  • Retail

Highly Regulated Industries

  • Cannabis / CBD
  • SaaS
  • Healthcare / Wellness
  • Pharma / Supplements
  • Medical Devices
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Spirits
  • Fintech
  • Manufacturing

What we do

You need a strong brand. You need to sell things too. We balance both so neither is ever slipping. 

We partner with your marketing team to strategize, plan and 

implement holistic marketing campaigns with brilliant execution at the speed of digital.


Starting with a marketing audit, we double down on what's working and smite what's not. We build a blueprint to architect that drives your short and long term marketing plans.


We'll immerse ourselves in your brand, developing the visuals, language and guidelines to make sure everyone who communicates on your behalf is speaking in the same voice.


From concept to brilliant execution, we design and create messaging that attracts attention and sells natively in every form of media.


From planning to negotiating preferred rates, we bring your message everywhere your target eats, sleeps, breathes, works, plays and even goes to the bathroom.

How we’re different

Don’t like agencies? Good! We’re not an agency. We’re a collective of talent who get together to collaborate on your account. 

What’s the difference?

Global Talent

We don't limit ourselves to our local talent pool. We cast our net globally to bring the most experienced and appropriate people to solve your marketing problems from wherevery they happen to be most inspired. Our team isn't stuck in a stale conference room. They're parasailing in Bali, scuba diving in Thailand and in some cases, in countries without extradition treaties to the US.

No Contracts

Agencies love to woo you with their senior team and pressure you into that dreaded year-long contract. You get all excited to see what they'll do, only to find out they've staffed your account with enthusiastic interns and moved onto the next pitch. We constantly prove our value by letting clients leave whenever they want or need to as their business changes.


Agencies all have their proprietary 720-degree "processes" that take ages and wilt your business while you wait for them to finish. Our processes iterate new ideas at speed, including small tweaks to your efforts that deliver immediate results. We'll still guide you our own long term processes, but only after we've found short term fixes that drive results righ now.


Agencies hire full-time talent in every possible discipline, and are pressured to find work for everyone on their team regardless of client needs. Our collective model means we only pay for the talent we need when you need it.

Some Brands We Work With


Please bring joy to his day with an unplanned meeting and keep him away from us.

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